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The best aspect of Minecraft is the freedom it gives players. Ever-expanding worlds, unlimited customization and endless resources mean you have the ability to do and do what you want. Whether you’re playing in Survival mode or Creative mode, you’ll be able to pull everything that comes from your craziest imagination. With this freedom, you’re sure to find some ideas for things you can build in your Minecraft world. Here is a compilation of easy-to-build ideas you can do in the game.


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Fountains are an easy and fast decorative structure that you can implement in any area of ​​settlement that you have created or taken over. Fountain designs can be as simple as the screenshot we have above, or something a little more complicated. Regardless, water (or lava if you want to get dangerous) fountains are accessible, good looking structures to make the area look much better than before.


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We recommend that you only create a hot tub if you are playing in creative mode, because this design will hurt you at Survival. To create one, you must place blocks of magma in the ground and surround this area with stairs to get out. Now put water over the Magma blocks and it will start to boil. The downside, however, is that going through these blocks will hurt you if you’re in survival mode, and the water blocks will pull you down, so stairs are required to get out.

Iron Golem

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Iron Golems are a bit of a wild card because they are a living creature that you build into the world. To do this, you need four blocks of iron and one carved pumpkin. Place two iron blocks on top of each other, then one on either side. Finish it by placing the pumpkin on top and the Iron Golem will take shape. Iron golems are good defensive entities that you can have at home. They will wander around and attack the ugly crowds that threaten the area. They have a lot of health and are quite decent.

Long hall trap

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This trap is great for insidious players who like to steal from your chest. Its design is a simple TNT under a long hall with a door at the end. Insert the chest behind the door and the pressure plate that coincides with the ground in front of the chest. When the player opens the door and enters the pressure plate, he blows himself up. These and other fun traps are easy to make, but hide well enough in the eyes so that unaware players have no idea.


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In Minecraft, a marketplace can be created by gathering a gang of villagers and keeping them in an area where you can normally trade them. Villagers may have specific jobs that allow them to offer you a variety of products so you can check in and pick up on a regular basis. Don’t forget to give them a bed so they can replenish their supplies every night.

Pixel art

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From the very beginning, Pixel art has been routine one of the most popular builds produced in Minecraft, largely due to the angular nature of the world. This kind of art is better created in creative mode, because you will normally have to deal with the heights and the necessary inventory of different color blocks. Regardless, you can constantly extract an image of your favorite eight- or 16-bit characters and create them in your world.


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Making sculptures look good in Minecraft can sometimes be a bit challenging to pull out, especially if you’re trying to create a sculpture that looks exactly like something or someone. This means that if you’re okay with creating simple, easily identifiable sculptures, you’ll have a good time creating them. In our world, we are constantly building the figure of a Netherrack man and setting him on fire for a ritual area. You can be creative and pull out some interesting structures that can direct visitors to laughter.

Tree house

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Treehouses are one of the most interesting design options for creating a home in Minecraft. There are also several ways to make one. On the one hand, chopping wooden blocks and cutting blocks will allow you to design your tree. Alternatively, you can grow trees on top of each other by placing the trees and waiting for them to grow, or giving them bone meal immediately. When it’s as high as you want, be sure to create a deck space to walk on, and an interior enclosed by leaves and wood where you can place furniture. For an even greater natural atmosphere, place some vines on the outside that will eventually grow until they reach the ground.


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You can create a watchtower that not only gives you a height advantage when attacking evil crowds invading the area, but can also give you a whole new view of the surroundings. Towers can be easily made by folding blocks and creating a staircase inside or on the outer walls. Be sure to have a standing deck upstairs that will allow you to look around. You can also create a comfortable elevator for fast up and down the tower.

Water lift

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The water lift is the easiest and one of the fastest ways to travel up and down. To create one, create a tunnel the width of one block that leads up and some signposts blocking the entrance. Now that all possible places where water can flow are secured, place water at every place inside the elevator. For the whole process to work, all the blocks of blocks inside must be filled with water blocks. Finally, place a piece of Soul Sand to travel or a Magma Block to download at the bottom of the elevator. If everything is done correctly, you will see that the bubbles travel through the water in the direction you go.

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