Best classes in Ashes of Creation

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Ashes of Creation boasts an extensive character customization system with 64 different classes to choose from. For starters, here’s a look at what we think are the top ten.

10. Necromancer

Necromancers combine the primary archetype Summoner with a secondary clerical archetype for a unique combination of support abilities. Due to the flexibility of many kinds of summons and the ability to choose between good and evil spiritual abilities, Necromanceri are difficult to learn, but they are very enriching because they can be fine-tuned.

9. Siren

The sirens combine the primary archetype of the Bard with the secondary archetype of the Tank. They produce an excellent secondary tank thanks to many support abilities that improve all other characters in the most difficult situations.

8. Dreadnought

Dreadnoughts combine the primary archetype of the Fighter with the secondary archetype of the Tank, creating an efficient tank that is especially suitable for chaotic skirmishes.

7. Magic sword

Spellswords combine the primary archetype of the Fighter with the secondary archetype of the Mage, using a combination of weapons and magic to deal the perfect type of damage in any situation, making them a universal secondary PCB suitable for almost any encounter.

6. Guardian

Rangers combine the primary archetype of a tank with the secondary archetype of a tank. They do one thing and do it well, maintaining a solid line between your line and the enemy.

5. Scryer

Scryers combine a clerical primary archetype with Bard’s secondary archetype. Scryers have access to the widest range of buffs and support spells of any class, so they are welcome at almost any party.

4. Cultist

Cultists combine the Rogue primary archetype with the clerical secondary archetype, creating a very effective combined secondary PCB that is particularly devastating when weakening and removing bosses.

3. Sokolník

Falcons combine the primary archetype of the Ranger with the secondary archetype of the Summoner for the perfect class of target PCBs. Their ability to summon creatures can greatly enhance your party, especially with strong support, and also help with solo content.

2. Archwizard

Archwizards combine the primary Mage archetype with the secondary Mage archetype for a highly focused spell class capable of generating high DPS over a large area, making this class ideal for smoothing difficult mobs.

1. Night shield

Nightshields combines a tank’s primary archetype with a Rogue secondary archetype for an almost indestructible tank style based on being hard to hit. Combined with the right objects and supports, Nightshield can handle even the most difficult encounters, suffering almost zero damage, making it one of the strongest classes for the tip.

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