Best characters in Tekken 7

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Tekken 7 is a difficult and technical game that you must master, and playing the best characters in the game will help you on your way to victory. A wide range of combos, net power, and special moves are considered in this list. Let’s dive into the top five that the game has to offer.


Picture taken via Bandai Namco

In the multi-level lists, Akuma seems to be among the best in most of them. This Street Fighter character has a lot of combinations on offer, a lot of launchers to help you turn the tables. It also works differently from most Tekken games with its focus attacks and hadoken projectiles. These two elements of his design, as well as the great power behind his fists, give Akuma an absolute advantage over the competition.

Leroy Smith

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The old man is still agile and can bring pain to anyone who faces him. His juggling skills are unsurpassed and his combos often deal 30% damage if properly implemented. Shown in RyzingsolA combined guide for Leroy, the character is able to deal about 60% damage with normal combo and furious art. Even its combinations of bread and butter can cover about 20-25% of a healthy bar’s outflow. His new move from season 4 Enter The Dragon is a great counterpart for enemies who strike often, as he can throw his body under his fist and punish him with a blow to the head. You can use this opportunity to stun with a downstream chain.


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While most level lists put him at a low level, Bob is the perfect character to play as if you were new to the game. His unpredictable attacks cause his opponent’s heads to spin, and button bashers can be pleased with his speed and flow of attacks. His forward abdomen takes precedence over other incoming blows. Its rotating ball can confuse opponents, as it can be combined with other attacks and create an unpredictable collision. He doesn’t have as much power as the rest of this list, but his strings and tricks, if used correctly, can be effective in combat.

Hus Howard

Picture taken via Bandai Namco

Geese, which come from the King of Fighters series, control useful missile-based attacks, as does Akuma. He is dangerous on the battlefield due to his fast movement, strong common attacks and his low kick is perfect for countering thanks to its long range (thanks for the tips, TheMainManSWE). Geese have a strong combo with bread and butter that can cut an opponent’s HP by 40%. In addition, its unique max mode can expand your damage potential when activated, and its countertop hits can be devastating when the right combination is used.

Jin Kazama

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Ever since Tekken 3 was, Jin has been a staple for many. His quick blows are deadly and his combos do a lot of damage. Its sweeping is top notch and can lead to some tasty follow-up reactions and has a lot of combination potential, depending on your situation. If you’re in the middle of a bad match, Jin could get away with it. First, he can make a free hook that acts as an excellent punishment. Second, his quick attack like a crane can kick an opponent in the air. Finally, Jin’s electric fist movements are especially ugly if you can land them.

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