Best Boomer Mode Settings in Rocket League


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Boomer mode is one of the most popular time-limited events the Rocket League has ever experienced. It is so popular that players still try to replicate it through private matches. This is possible if you tune and change the settings so that they are correct. This guide discusses what these settings are and how to ensure the best experience in your home Boomer Mode.

Best Boomer mode settings

Below are the best settings for creating your own custom Boomer mode match.

  • Preset settings: Habit
  • Match length: 5 minutes
  • Max. Score: Unlimited
  • Overtime: Unlimited
  • Game speed: Default
  • Series length: Unlimited
  • Spherical type: Default
  • Maximum ball speed: Super fast
  • Sphere physics: Superlight
  • Ball Bounciness: Super high
  • Ball size: Default
  • Increase the amount: Unlimited
  • Increase strength: 1X
  • Gravitation: Default
  • Rattle: None
  • Recovery time: 1 second
  • Tear down: Default

In addition to the above settings, you can change the following to customize your personal experience. Of course, only you will benefit from their changes, but they can make the difference between an authentic Boomer match and a change that seems empty.

  • FOV (field of view)
  • Stiffness
  • Camera shake
  • Rotation speed
  • Distance
  • Height

You do not need to change these settings at all to play a match in Boomer mode. However, if you want to improve this experience, you will do so here.

What is Boomer Mode in the Rocket League?

As we mentioned, Boomer Mode began life as a time-limited event. However, it was so popular that players used the settings above to figure out how to replicate a match type. Unfortunately, the only thing these settings can’t replicate is the way the ball explodes every time it’s hit by a player. Nevertheless, these Boomer Mode settings for Rocket League allow players to practice game mode throughout the year until they return.

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