Battlefield 6: Release date, E3 trailer reveal, battle pass, setting and more

Battlefield 6: Release date, E3 trailer unveiling, Battle Pass, settings and more

Battlefield fans rejoice – not long has to wait Battlefield 6 hits the shelves.

After various Battlefield 6 leaks and rumors, EA is ready to release more information about Dice’s latest sequel to the Battlefield franchise. At the moment, the details are a bit sparse in terms of what we can expect in Battlefield 6 or when it is likely to be set up.

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With that in mind, let’s look at everything we know so far. You can also take a look at our Battlefield 6 wish list, as well as Sheriff’s thoughts on what should be borrowed from Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 6 E3 unveiled

EA has announced that we will see our first look at the Battlefield 6 trailer in June during E3 after a lot of leaks and more information will be available during EA Play in July.

Currently, EA has not revealed the real name of the game, so we will run with Battlefield 6 until it changes.

Battlefield 6 release date

During EA’s earnings talk, CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that plans to release Battlefield 6 Holiday 2021, sometime around November or December, are still well under way. While Wilson emphasized that Battlefield 6 will “take full advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S hardware”, it will still be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so don’t worry if you haven’t been able to capture another gene console yet.

There is also speculation that it will come Game Pass the first day, but no details have been confirmed yet. We anticipate that Battlefield 6 will ship with pre-order editions and bonuses, but no details are available yet, so keep an eye on this space.

Battlefield 6 Battle Pass

EA recently filed a patent for a new type Battle Passwhere you will be able to decide which rewards you will receive before collecting predetermined rewards. “The seasonal rewards system can provide users with a non-linear map that allows users to choose how to proceed through the rewards map when advancing or leveling a virtual character or user account in a video game,” what you can expect from the new EA Battle Pass system, although it’s not clear whether available in Battlefield 6.

Season and battle cards are nothing new with online shooters, and this new patent will increase the version of Battlefield 6 in front of the crowd, beyond what Destiny 2 achieves by allowing you to collect rewards each season. Another way to think about it is something like your own tree of personal skills outside of the natural progression of the game, allowing you to enjoy a more personal experience.

Battlefield 6 Battle Royale?

It is not yet clear whether Battlefield 6 will get its own Battle Royale mode, such as how Battlefield 5 Firestorm had. The question was asked whether there would be a free-to-play a la Warzone element in Battlefield 6, which was neither confirmed nor refuted.

However, Criterion is said to be working on such a regime, so we hope to see more details in June and July. A recent survey also revealed that, along with evolving maps, a clan system, and weapons plans, it is a likely free-to-play element.

Battlefield 6 settings, gameplay and more

The latest leaked trailer seems to suggest that Battlefield 6 will take place during modern battles, potentially in the future. There also seems to be a robotic dog, the EDOG273, that you can upgrade and use, which I assume will be a lot of fun with him.

The trailer shows missiles, a minigun and guided bombs, as well as a slot, which we assume is used for defense. As I said before, the technical advancement of the new consoles means that Battlefield 6 will be large with an unprecedented scale of combat, as Wilson emphasized in the call for earnings.

Basically, it sounds like they want to take everything they’ve done in the past and push it beyond our expectations when new generation consoles are now available. Check back soon for more updates and rumors.

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