Battlefield 2042 has frustratingly done away with some of Battlefield 5's best gameplay mechanics

In the months before launch Battlefield 5“DICE was very happy to emphasize the subtle improvements in the impression and overall presentation of the game. Even before the game was shown, the developer was particularly enthusiastic about the work to make the game world more reactive and interactive, fortifications, more refined destruction – and the big one: a complete reworking of the characters’ movements.

Movement is one mechanic that evolves with each Battlefield game. Going back to the older titles, it turns out how much better the latest iteration is. With Battlefield 5, DICE felt like nailing this essential part of any shooter, to a level the studio had never reached before.

Battlefield 5 characters felt easier and more responsive to control. You can quickly arch over short walls, in and out of windows, roll to negate fall damage after landing, and even pull yourself to higher surfaces. As the game drew, she knew she would take your momentum and direction into account; you would lie on your back if you pressed the button while moving backwards, and you could rotate your belly 360 degrees. The animations of the characters would move and shuffle to gracefully support each movement.

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