Battlefield 2042 beta – start and end date, and how to join

Image via DICE

Battlefield 2042 is on its way later this year, with a scheduled release date of October 22nd. The good news for fans of this series is that a beta version is also planned, so you can jump a little earlier.

Although the beta does not yet have a fixed date, it will take place sometime in September and will be an open beta. Before that happens, there will be a closed alpha test, which will consist of only a few thousand players. This particular event will be by invitation only and will most likely be limited to influences, journalists and similar people to take promotional testing, as EA sometimes does.

While the September beta will be an open beta, players will be able to gain early access by pre-ordering the game on their preferred platform.

Battlefield 2042 is formed as one of the greatest titles in this series, starting with several modes, maps and all the weapons you would expect from a Battlefield title. We don’t know what the exact Beta content will be at the moment, but traditional DICE has opted for a single map and a mode in which players can win it.

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