Battlefield 1 is free on Amazon Prime Gaming now, and Battlefield 5 is next

Battlefield 1 is now free on Amazon Prime Gaming and Battlefield 5 is next

Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 are coming to Amazon Prime Gaming.

Battlefield 4 is clearly not the last Prime Gaming Battlefield freebie since Amazon announced it today Battlefield 1, a Battlefield 5 will follow soon.

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From today until August 4, Prime Gaming members will be able to get a free copy of Battlefield 1 for PC, which can be exchanged for Origin. Battlefield 5 will be available free of charge from August 2 to October 1.

You will claim a standard edition for each game. This means that it does not contain a DLC for Battlefield 1, while in the case of Battlefield 5 it matters less because all its meaningful content has been made available for free.

Before the release of Battlefield 2042, now is probably the right time to return to these older Battlefield games. If there is any indication of Battlefield 4, it is likely to attract a lot of players, which is enough to revive the population for a few weeks – although we hope that the servers will withstand the load this time.

Head to Home Prime Gaming get these games. Prime Gaming is part of your Amazon Prime subscription and is also available as part of Prime Video in countries where Prime Prime is not available.

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