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The first plot of the spine is quite straightforward. There are several challenging puzzles, but none of them come close to the puzzle. In this section, you are tasked with finding out the door code using nothing other than a collection of papers that have been glued to the cabinet door. This guide explains how to uncover this code and includes a reference to the correct numbers if you can’t solve it yourself.

How do you solve a locker in Backbone?

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The box in question has several pictures. In the upper left corner of the cabinet door are also four pieces of paper with holes and a variety of shapes. You have to use pieces of paper with holes, as if you were decoding a message 50 years ago. Find photos or scraps that match the size of the pieces of paper, and then move the paper over those scraps or photos. Once you cover the pictures, you should see the holes and openings appear in numbers and shapes.

Once you have all the numbers and their corresponding shapes, you must enter them according to the box code. For comparison, it is a square, circle, rhombus, triangle. It took us a while to figure it out. The only tip we will offer is that you will need to use your best judgment in determining the shape of each number.

What is the locker code in the spine?

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For those of you who just want the code to continue playing, you must enter 0451. Press Enter on the screen and the door will open.

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