Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trade Post locations | How to complete every trade quest

Places Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trade Post | How to complete each business task

Business contributions are a new feature for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with release DLC Wrath of the Druids.

With the help of trader Azar, Eivor can help turn their cousin Barid’s headquarters in Dublin into the most prosperous shopping center in Ireland – while earning more than a few rewards.

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By pooling the stocks of four Irish sources – Fabrics, Books, Luxury Goods and Delicatessens – Eivor can establish a business empire that extends to the most remote parts of the known world.

Exporting goods brings not only its share of silver, but also unique items that reflect the distant places you trade. This includes new sets of armor, weapons and tattoos, and cosmetics for ships.

To support the growth of your business, you will need raw materials – which you can get from some good old-fashioned looting of Irish churches, abbeys and monasteries with your Viking friends.

When trading, you will increase the reputation of Dublin and get the Dublin Champion Set. You will also gain access to new trade agreements with each new level, including Iberian, Egyptian, Russian, and Byzantine-themed items.

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | All business post placements
  • How to set up a business location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | All business post placements

There are seven outlets throughout the Irish island, five in the south and two in the north.

Each increases your production of one of the four main materials.

You can unlock them all as soon as you gain access to the first Trade Post on Rathdown, so it makes sense to capture them all immediately. This not only increases your production of goods as they accumulate when you play the main story, but it also gives you places to travel quickly.

Each business contribution is marked with a yellow circle below:

How to set up a business location in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Getting a business contribution is not as easy as taking it by force. Eivor also needs to secure a charter to the country, which takes the form of a short task for each settlement.

Here’s how to fill them all out:

Rathdown – Rathdown Build Up

Soon after you arrive in Ireland, Barid has commissioned you to procure a costly gift for the wannabe King Flann.

To achieve this goal, you will need Azara’s help in trading exotic goods. Talk to her at her Dublin Market store and Eivor will tell you about a settlement in the north, Rathdowne.

The once prosperous Trade Post was defeated by bandits, and if Evior could free him, then their business life could begin.

After heading north, evacuating the bandits, and communicating with the raven sign to create your first building, the warden directs you to a nearby abbey to attack the raw materials.

Once you’ve got your loot, go back to Rathdown, set up Workman’s Cottage, and then deliver the news to Azar in Dublin.

Drummer – dyed in wool

To get Drumlish, you must complete the Dyed in the Wool quest.

First read the letter on the tree above the Trade Post and defeat the wolves.

Then you will find that the charter is in Knockfree in the south. To get there, blow up the wall at the top of the hill.

Lisdurrow – Give your words

There is another Trade Post in Meath in Lisdurrow, where you complete the task of Giving Your Words by defeating all the guards and then securing the charter.

Read the letter in the side room of the wall and you will find that you have to go north to Inchroe, where you will defeat more bandits.

Find the marked cottage with your Odin’s eye. To get a list, shoot an explosive arrow through the left window and open the window at the back of the cottage. Now fire the lock from the front door and get the document.

Athlone – Trouble Brewing

At Athlone in Connacht, you get the Trouble Brewing quest. Clean the bandits and read the note on the barrels in the dock.

The charter is on an island in the north. If you have them, go back to Athlone and add delicacies to your supply chain.

Port Auley – The Ivory Post

In the north-west the Port Auley. This is controlled by druids. Take them out and read a note in the side room of the wall that tells you that the deed is in Kesh Corann.

Kesh Corann is in the south, revealing that Pout Auley adds luxury to your supply chain.

Look at the Coranna Cache on the side of the cliff and you will see that it has another part of the Druid’s armor set up.

Go to the upper level and go to the cave by shooting an explosive arrow into the wall.

To get armor, go down the nearby ladder, smash boxes over the druid to open the way, then slide under the wall and loot a box near the poisonous druid.

Return to Port Auley, get a grant, and then create accommodations to increase productivity if you wish.

Ardmel – sweetening pots

In the northeast of the country, in Northern Ireland, you have the abbey of Ardmel and Movilla; as well as Donegal on the west side.

On Ardmel, you complete Sweetening the Pot, where you clear the bandits and then search the note next to the tent outside the wall.

The charter is on Gobbins Beach with more bandits. At Gobbins Beach you have to open a locked cage and the key is just behind the shore, underwater next to your chest.

Come back and claim your contribution and add more delicacies to your supply chain.

Dysert – lighting event

The final supply point is Dysert in the North East of Northern Ireland with the task: Illuminating Event.

Clean all the soldiers, then break through the boxes on the north wall and read the note inside.

The deed can be found in Malin Head, far to the north. Once you have a charter, return to Dysert and add more books to your menu.

You can find more information about DLC Wrath of the Druid for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in our comprehensive list of Children of Danu locations.

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