Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Essexe Traitor | Is Gerhild or Lork the traitor?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Essexe Traitor | Is Gerhild or Lork a traitor?

As Eivor continues to forge an alliance round England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, journey southeast to play in a matchmaker Essex. But as their crafty plan merged, one other traitor he threatens to tick off the entire trick.

To take the estranged spouse of Ealdorman Birstan Estrid again to his homeland in France, Wolf-Kissed asks Danish Captain Roll for assist. But after throwing him underneath the nostril of the King of Wessex, you’ll return to his camp and discover him in ruins.

The survivors narrowed the traitor to 2: Gerhild, Roll’s defend sister, and Lork, a supposedly loyal warrior, dedicated himself to Roll’s father.

Gerhild or Lork are traitors to Essex, however Eivor must collect proof to search out out who.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Is Gerhild or Lork a traitor to Essex?

To discover out who the traitor is, you could first speak to Gerhild and Lork to get their aspect of the story.

Ask about Gerhild’s place at the time of the Saxon assault and he or she says she was on a rabbit hunt.

Next, ask Lorka and he’ll say that he additionally hunted rabbits. However, he additionally says that he noticed Gerhild speaking to the saxon, which implies her guilt. When Eivor stays skeptical of his story, he encounters his loyalty to Roll and his father, however lets it slip that he’s uninterested in preventing life and his oath to Roll’s household.

In gentle of this testimony, it’s now time to look the camp.

Use your eyes on Odin to discover the space. You will see a sport stand by the hearth and a flattened spot in the bushes.

Take a take a look at the sport stand and you will note that there’s a lot of meals left. Gerhild and Lork lie about the place they’re.

Now go and search the bushes. You will see that somebody hid there throughout the assault.

Armed with a number of new information, it’s time to speak to the accused once more.

Tell Gerhilda that you recognize he is mendacity and that Lork says he is a traitor. She replies that she was exterior for a romantic assembly with a Saxon native.

Then inform Lork you recognize he lied. He will let you know that he was loitering and sleeping in the woods when the assault woke him up. He says he hid in the bushes – confirming the flattened patch you discovered.

Now speak to Rollo and collect your info. She rapidly agrees that Gerhild lied about searching as a result of she was at all times a poor archer. He additionally questions her story of assembly Saxony and says she has at all times despised them.

Discuss Lork’s attainable betrayal and Rollo might be stunned. He agrees that Lork is uninterested in the Vikings’ lives, however says he would launch him if he simply requested.

Based on the proof gathered, Essex’s traitor is Gerhild.

You know this as a result of each warriors lied about the place they had been, however Lork is the just one you could find out.

Based in your seek for the camp, you recognize that he hid in the bushes after slipping for a nap. The solely method Gerhild could possibly be in the camp to see him and never be caught assault was if she was in a duel with the Saxons.

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