Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Feast to Remember | Gunlodr’s riddles, empty the cauldron

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Feast of Remembrance | Gunlodr’s riddles, empty the boiler

On Eivor ‘s second journey to the realms of Norse mythology in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, sees Havi journey to Jotunheim in an effort to change his future in Ragnarok. After securing presents for boss Jotnar Suttungr and his daughter Gunlodr, Havi arrives A vacation to keep in mind.

Odin’s aim is to steal Suttungr’s magical mead to assist him intrigue him. Suttungr is situated in the northwest nook of Jotunheim, the place he patrols in entrance of his home close to the prime of the hill.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – A vacation to keep in mind

Approach Suttungr and introduce the cauldron.

When you get a welcome, go discover Jotnar’s daughter Gunlodr. She is hidden in her laboratory beneath a stone circle in the metropolis, to the east.

Approach the circle by way of two pillars with deer skulls connected to them to see the opening.

Talk to Gunlodr inside and invite her to the social gathering after speaking to her about his work. Enjoy the Easter egg at the finish of the film scene, then watch it again to the social gathering and speak to Suttagr.

In your speech, you will have the alternative to make impression on the assembled Jotnar and encourage them to drink extra. When you see the choices for dialogue, they like the first possibility, then inform them you respect them, after which inform them to go straight for a drink.

Havi then notes that the giants don’t drink quick sufficient to open Suttungre’s vault. Invite friends to drink extra by speaking to totally different teams.

Gunlodr’s riddles

From Suttungr’s throne dealing with out, you’ll be able to see Gunlodr standing alone on the left.

Talk to her and you’ll raise her temper with phrase toys.

  • The first reply to Gunoldra’s riddles is beer
  • The reply to the second query is a hammer
  • Then the reply to the third and last puzzle is a swan and an egg

If you resolve all of them accurately, it is going to raise her spirits sufficient for her to have a drink, which is able to contribute to your aim of emptying the boiler.

Then you’ll be able to Fist battle their champion on the proper aspect of the corridor and allow them to drink extra. It’s a very simple battle, so focus solely on counterattacks.

Then you’ll be able to speak to the musicians on the throne stage. It is claimed that some youngsters stole their instruments and you’ll find them round the fringe of a pot of mead.

They ask you to climb and dive into the bucket from a peak, and for those who do, return the instruments.

Finally, strive to hit the goal in archery on the different aspect of the corridor and it will likely be. The archery check is once more quite simple.

Suttagr’s vault

Talk to Suttagr and inform him that his folks have emptied the cauldron dry of mead. He will order to open his secure and offer you an opportunity to slip in and steal the magic mead for your self.

Now look to the southwest and you will note an open door in the distance. Jump over the rooftops utilizing the zipline at the fringe of the social gathering after which slide inside.

As quickly as you enter, Gunoldr will cease you. Now it is time to placed on the reward you introduced her in the earlier job, circlet Thor crept into Jotunheim.

When your advances pay you again, love for the Avatars follows.


When Gunlodr is asleep, go straight forward from the place you regain management, up a small staircase, and discover mead.

Communicate with the nook and you’ll have what you got here for. Slide out of the secure again to Utgar.

But earlier than you’ll be able to slip, Loki betrays you once more, irritating you each step of the manner.

You will most likely be too balanced on this battle with Suttungr, however there may be nonetheless a way to defeat him.

Suttagra’s most harmful assault, creating icy rain from the sky, can’t be blocked or averted. To save your self from hurt, you could take refuge in the crimson runes that you simply see on the ground in the corners of the battle enviornment.

When Suttungr breaks the floor in preparation, run to these locations.

In addition, shoot his glowing weaknesses, dodging again and to the aspect as he rushes to catch you, and keep shut to his ft and hack away.

Next, in the second part of the battle, when he grabs the ax, you could dodge sideways from the path of fast ice assaults that rush throughout the ground.

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