Arknights best Operators Tier List – July 2021

The Arknights level lists the best characters

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As we approach the lists of Arknights levels and the power of the operator in general, we need to think about the fact that the game is not competitive in nature and is surprisingly well balanced. In the two years of its development cycle, Arknights boasts a huge list of operators, some of which are original and some of which come from other game franchisesand very few of them can be described as “the best”. Almost all Arknights operators have dedicated roles in which they shine, and the list of levels below highlights only the few that shine brightest and in the highest number of scenarios.

Note that although almost all Arknights operators listed in the level list are five and six stars, there are lower rarity operators that work almost as well and are easier to obtain. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t found the exact list of operators yet. With a little ingenuity, you can beat all Arknights content with non-optimized teams.

Level SA – SilverAsh

As a definition of the meta operator in Arknights, SilverAsh is on its own level. In addition to monster statistics and powerful abilities, SilverAsh’s talent reduces deployment times for all your other operators, allowing for some extremely effective games with operators who benefit from re-deployment. As a very unnecessary advantage to the already strongest set in the game, it also reveals invisible enemies in its range of attack. SilverAsh has no disadvantages or shortcomings; if you have it, use it.

Operators of SS Tier Arknights

  • Main: Dudy, Blaze, Flint, Lappland, Mostima, Mountain, Rosa, Specter, Thorns, W.
  • Supports: Blemishine, Nightingale, Ptilopsis, Saria.
  • Special mentions: Flint, thorns.

Before upgrading and deploying Flint, make sure you have the right guards with which you can use it. For his ability to work, he needs to have enemies kept at a certain distance. Fortunately, it passively improves your guards thanks to the basic skills of economical and guard experts.

Thorns similarly it works better from the back line, but is less dependent on guard synergies. As a mid-range hybrid sniper / PCB, the Thorns do everything. It causes permanent damage to art and easily cleans tanks, hordes and even enemy backliners. It also heals passively between wheels or at any time during a break during a wave.

Operators With Tier Arknights

  • Main: Asbestos, Andreana, Broca, Firewatch, Indra, Manticora, Meteorite, Pinecone, Reed, Robin, Vigna
  • Supports: Nearl, Parfumer, Whisperain.
  • Special mentions: Andreana, Firewatch.

Andreano is one of the better snipers in Arknights. However, to target it to ignore targets with less than 50% HP remaining, you should make sure you have at least one other long-range operator in the field. This way, Andreana can seriously damage fragile targets and attackers in the back line and have the rest of your team cleaned up.

As a very unique feature Firewatch has optical camouflage, which makes it invisible to enemies. It shouldn’t play too often, but when you do, it’s nice to have. Even without him, Firewatch would still be one of the best snipers in Arknights.

Arknights level operators

This shouldn’t surprise you, but literally every second Arknights operator falls into this category. This game does not have heavily undersized characters, only specialists with a narrow focus. All of the above mentioned Arknights operators should be considered perfectly usable and worth the upgrade. With a well-rounded list, you’ll be able to defeat every Arknights mission, even if you don’t have meta Operators.

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