Ark: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 3 – Where to find Wishbones

Ark: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 3 – Where to Find Wishbones

It’s Turkey Time 3 in Ark: Survival Evolved and you have to fight some scary birds to get some Wishbones.

During the year, new great cosmetic items are prepared Turkey Trial 3 event, but you will have to gather Shoulders of Super turkeys to make them. They can be found all over the map, but they seem to have a higher reproduction speed on the beach.

Don’t be fooled by their appearance; these birds have around 2000 health and it can attack again. They can also do insane damage, so be prepared before engaging one of them. Once you beat a Super Turkey, you will be able to pick up two Shoulders which you can use on and Cooking pot to make some special items with a Thanksgiving theme.

Turkey Trial 3 runs until December 3, so you still have time to go hunting.

Turkey Trial 3 recipes for skin

You will need to gather quite a bit Shoulders for each of these recipes, which means you’ll have to face every dangerous bird you come across.

  • Thanksgiving Candy: 2 Wishes
  • Meat Swim Top: 5 Wishes
  • Dodo Pie swimming top: 5 Wishes
  • Dodo Pie Swim Bottom: 5 Wishes
  • Turkey Swim Top: 5 Wishes
  • Turkey Swim Bottom: 5 Wishes
  • Chieftan Hat: 10 Wishes
  • Pilgrim Hat: 10 Wishes
  • Hat cap: 10 Wishes
  • Turkey Hat: 10 Wishes
  • Pitchfork Weapon Skins: 15 Wishes
  • Turkish foot skin: 15 Wishes
  • Hungry Emote: 25 wishes
  • Emotions from food coma: 25 wishes
  • Emissions Belly Rub: 25 wishes
  • Call DodoRex: 400 Wishbones

During the event, there will also be an increase in breeding speed, a doubling of XP to earn and a faster harvest. During Turkey Trial 3, there will also be some fall colors for wild creatures, including Dino Light Orange and Dino Darker Gray.

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