Ark: Genesis is the next chapter for Survival Evolved

Ark: Genesis is another chapter of Survival Evolved

Wildcard Studio today announced Ark: Genesis, the next chapter of Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark: Genesis will include two large expansion packs with new biomes and a new mission-based game mechanic.

You will not only discover new creatures, but also tame them. These include sea-sized sea turtles, which sound adorable according to what we expect. There will also be shape-changing creatures that range from “small and plush to wild,” as you’ll see in the trailer.

There is even a fireball shooting a dragon animal that prefers to live around volcanoes. Everything is taken, isn’t it?

Of course, you will also face many new enemies and dangers to the environment. And all new equipment and designs will be available.

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Players will receive a gaming cosmetic pet for Ark: Survival Evolved by purchasing a Genesis Season Pass. It is a holographic companion that warns you of the dangers in the area. Pretty handy.

Ark: Genesis Season Pass will provide you with $ 34.99 or the equivalent in the region and includes the following:

  • Ark: Genesis Part 1 – Available December 2019
  • Ark: Genesis Part 2 – available in winter 2020
  • Exclusive cosmetic product HLN-A (now available), which can be purchased by purchasing a Season Pass.

If you haven’t chosen a game yet, Studio Wildcard has launched Survival Evolved on Steam. You currently run $ 17.49, which is 65% discount from the regular price.

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