ARK Genesis 2 | How to tame Shadowmanes

ARK Genesis 2 | How to tame Shadowmanes

Shadowmanes are a new type of creature introduced in Genesis: Part 2, the last piece of DLC for ARK: Survival has evolved.

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Not only are these majestic dinosaurs so hellish to look at, but when tamed, they are incredibly useful as transport and combat offensive roles.

How to tame Shadowman in ARK Genesis 2

When taming Shadowmanes, you must use a unique nonviolent method.

The main thing you need to bring Shadowman to the side is simply a Fish Basket containing any fish weighing 0.5 or more, fitted into the last slot of your hot bar. Ideally, you will have several of this item, because taming will take several repetitions.

(Optional extras include a Ghillie Armor to reduce Shadowman’s chances of detecting you and a Bug Repellant to prevent the insect from hitting when you try. The only thing you need is a Fish Basket.)

Despite the friendly nature of your approach, Shadowmanes are aggressive creatures, so it’s important to approach them in the middle of the day when the creature is asleep.

Approach from the side or from behind, and if you happen to wake it up, just run away and try again as soon as it settles down. It is also recommended to approach the lone Shadowman, because as he gets worse, he will wake up all the members of their pack who are nearby.

Feeding a sleeping Shadowman – yes, he should be able to eat in his sleep – will make him invisible and wander elsewhere. Track it with the Taming tracker, but don’t forget to stop because you don’t want to be within the agrarian distance when it breaks secrecy and finds a new place to settle.

Waking up a sleeping Shadowman without feeding him will cause the entire course of taming to be reset. However, if Shadowmane attacks you while he is awake, your progress is not reset.

For more information on taming new creatures in ARK Genesis 2, see our guide to finding Mutagel and using it to tame Tek Stryders.

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