Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event – start date, maps, rewards, and more

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The Apex Legends Thrillseekers event will soon give players another reason to jump into the recently added Arenas mode to the game. There will be a number of prizes, a new map to explore and win, and plenty of commendable rights to fight for.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Start date and time

The Thrillseekers event begins on July 13 and lasts until August 3. The event should start around 10:00 PT.

New map – overflow

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The event will focus on a new map that will provide lane-focused battle operations thanks to the large lava-filled structures that separate the areas. As a result, tactics that do not establish a pattern of behavior will be extremely important, and intestinal instinct will be an essential tool for all teams on this map.


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The event, which will last three weeks, will include three weekly rewards.

  • The first week gives you a chance to unlock the Rampart Wastelander Set, which includes matching magic weapons, skin weapons and Legendary Rampart skins.
  • For two weeks, they award Battle Pass boosters, metal crafts and Apex packages.
  • The third week includes Lethal Enforcer Bangalore Skin and other goodies.

Every day, players can earn more than 1000 points from challenges that are renewed daily. The event also includes stretching challenges, which will reward four unique badges if they are met during the event.

There will also be three specific badges that you can unlock – one each week – to reach certain milestones in the arenas:

Week 1 Badge: Play a total of 20 arena games

Week 2 Badge: Earn a total of 100 knockdowns in arenas

Week 3 Badge: Cause a total of 12,000 damage in arenas

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