Apex Legends playlists hacked to complain about Titanfall hackers

Apex Legends playlists hacked to complain about Titanfall hackers

Hackers protest Titanfall hackers by … hacking Apex Legends.

Apex Legends has had a bit of a rough weekend. The game’s various playlists have been taken over by hackers, who have removed their official descriptions and replaced them with messages urging players to “save Titanfall.”

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The compromised messages were initially limited to the PC, but later spread to PlayStation and Xbox, according to Alpha Intel. The news also advertised a site – SaveTitanfall.com, although hackers claim that they are not connected to this site.

When this happens, hacked playlists become inaccessible, making it impossible for most players to play Apex Legends. It was especially frustrating in the US due to the extended weekend of July 4.

The problem that hackers are trying to exacerbate has affected both Titanfall games for months. Titanfall games have been under constant DDoS attack. Although these issues make multiplayer games unplayable, they are even more catastrophic for Titanfall 1, whose single-player campaign requires an Internet connection.

The site in question asks EA to solve the problem once and for all, or to stop selling Titanfall to new players. Some of these DDoS issues have spilled over to Apex Legends, but they usually take care of them faster. Correction delay for older Respawn titles has several complicated reasons, so it’s not something that can be seemedly easily fixed.

Respawn has since responded to Twitter and originally said he was investigating a hacker. After hourly updates, the developer confirmed that matchmaking Apex Legends is back to normal and that everyone can enjoy the game again.

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