Apex Legends Party Not Ready Error explained

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Like all games, especially online ones, Apex Legends is prone to some error messages from time to time. Some days are worse than others and sometimes mistakes make sense, while sometimes they are just confusing.

One of the most obscure may be when you receive an error that says the party is not ready, but you are trying to play a solo game. The point is not to touch the idea of ​​playing solo too much, the mistake will be due to incorrect communication at the end of the game, which has nothing to do with the number of players in the party.

Can you fix the “Party not ready” error?

This bug prevents players from matchmaking whether they are at a party or not. The “party not ready” message prevents the game from starting as usual because you are not ready.

While Respawn is constantly working to solve such problems, here are some simple solutions that are worth trying:

  • Press the menu / option button or click the Settings gear on the lobby screen. Press the appropriate button to “return to the menu” displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. This will return you to the title screen where you can try to prepare again.
  • Close the application completely and restart it.
  • If you’re at a party, try leaving the party and rejoining it.
  • Wait a few minutes and you should finally be able to get ready.
  • If you are using a PS4 system, press the PS button to return to the system menu and try connecting to the Internet in the Network Settings section.
  • Switch to training mode, exit training mode and try to bid again.

One of these many solutions should get you back to the lobby every time this error occurs.

Why does the error page not ready?

When you are on the Lobby screen in Apex Legends, all you have to do is press the Triangle / Y button and get ready to start the game. If you do so, a check mark should appear next to your username above the selected legend to replace your player level. But sometimes that doesn’t happen.

The problem is that Apex Legends sometimes doesn’t start looking because it says the party isn’t ready. If you are the only player in the hall, there is no real way to prepare other than start matchmaking. It’s a bit of an annoying mistake that bothers a few fair players, but it’s not entirely inevitable.

We have to wait for the developers to solve the problem. In the meantime, try these solutions, although some can be tedious.

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