Apex Legends Mobile unveiled, regional betas rolling out soon

Apex Legends Mobile will soon introduce a regional beta version

Restored games and EA announced Apex Legends Mobileand the first regional beta tests of this game will begin soon.

The mobile version of Battle Royale – which just announced a new character for Season 9 today – will be “the new version of Apex Legends, but it’s true for the original.”

“It’s a huge moment for our team.” Two years ago, we changed the environment of the battle royal genre and now we are trying to do it again on a mobile phone, ” says Chad Grenier, game director at Respawn.

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If you’re in the US or Europe, don’t expect to get involved right away.

“We’re trying to start small things – just a few thousand players in India and the Philippines – but we plan to expand this game to more regions and more players around the world later this year,” says the developer. No official timetable has been announced yet, but we know that we only receive a beta version of Android in these areas in the spring of 2021.

“We continue testing, expand the size of these tests, add new areas and implement iOS support. When we are ready to go to the wider world, we will launch a page that will allow you to pre-register for the game and subscribe to news about bets. “

The developer recommends following you PlayApex on Twitter for updates.

This game will be a separate project from Apex Legends on consoles and PCs, so there will be no cross-play or cross-progression, and the version you will be able to play on iOS and Android was developed specifically for mobile platforms. It will play for free, similar to the parent game.

“Some of you might wonder: What does this mean for Apex Legends on PCs and consoles?” concludes Chad Grenier.

“Simply put, the best for PC and console gamers has yet to come.” Today we reveal the first look at one of the biggest updates we have ever sent for Apex Legends – you can watch the first trailer here. “(We put that above for you).

Season 9 of Apex Legends begins on May 4, and Apex Legends Mobile will be available to multiple users throughout the year.

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