Apex Legends Community Created Twitch Drops schedule

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Apex Legends kicks off in June with a debt of community-created cosmetics: a category of cosmetics created by fans and creators of Apex Legends content. For the first promotion based on this concept, there is a wallpaper every week that can be earned by watching one of 10 specific Twitch streams played by Apex Legends.

If you do, make sure your Twitch account is set to receive drops. In order to receive drops, you must have your Twitch account linked to an account for any platform on which you play Apex Legends. This can be your EA account, an online Nintendo Switch ID, a Playstation Network ID, or your Xbox brand. You also can’t mute the stream if you want to receive drops.

Twitch Drops community plan

The promotion starts on June 1 and ends on August 3, and the change of schedule separating the wallpaper you get is on Tuesday during the normal weekly reset. Here is the complete promotion schedule:

  • Screen loading 1: June 1 – June 8
  • Screen loading 2: June 8 – June 15
  • Screen loading 3: June 15 – June 22
  • Screen loading 4: June 22 – June 29
  • Screen loading 5: July 20 – July 27
  • Screen loading 6: July 27 – August 3

It is currently the only community-created cosmetics we know of, but it is likely to be more in the future.

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