Anthem director, Jonathan Warner, has left BioWare

Anthem Director Jonathan Warner left BioWare

Anthem director Jonathan Warner left Electronic Arts Studio BioWare after almost ten years in the studio.

Warner left the studio shortly after it became clear that EA would not continue to develop Anthem Next because “not everything [EA] planned as a studio before it would be possible to achieve COVID-19 without undue stress [its] teams. “

“So, today is my last day at BioWare, I’m going to keep doing new things,” Warner said tweeted. “BioWare has been home to my grateful heart for almost 10 years and I want to wish them all the best.” [Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic] They are in good hands and I can’t wait to play from this side of the screen. “

Warner, who is listed as BioWare’s chief of staff and is considered game director of Anthem, joined the studio in 2012 to direct development to the live side of things in the game. Before that (according to his LinkedIn), Warner was a producer for The Walt Disney Company and a test manager at Microsoft Games Studio.

After launching in 2019, Anthem had an unstable start and faced a wave of criticism about unsatisfactory missions, the repeated content of endings and the lack of a decent loot fund.

In 2020, BioWare announced that it was “substantially rediscovering” the anthem. The game fell silent for a long time, and eventually the team showed several updates to their progress, such as a redesigned user interface, improved loot and more.

This game will be supported in the future, but Anthem Next will never be released.

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