All working Pokemon GO codes for berries, clothing, and more [July 2021]

All Pokemon GO function codes for berries, clothes and more [July 2021]

Niantic edition Pokemon Go Codes every few months and often you can’t tell what you get from them.

Some codes accompany new collaborations and give your trainer special clothing, while others offer a large number of free items to make life easier with Pokémon.

Although there are often several codes for a coach that you can use, there are dry spells from time to time. However, with the new Pokemon Go Fest coming later this month, we recommend checking it out in a few weeks to see what’s new.

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  • What are Pokemon GO codes?
  • How to apply Pokemon GO codes on Android
  • How to redeem Pokemon GO codes on iOS
  • All Pokemon GO function codes
  • Expired GO codes

What are Pokemon GO codes?

Pokemon GO codes are a Niantic way to celebrate milestones and reward you for playing the game.

Niantic most recently collaborated with North Face, Gucci and Verizon on special avatar clothing items.

In addition to these collaborations, you will usually receive more practical rewards, such as Ultra Balls, berries, and other status items.

As already mentioned, there is no set pattern for the release of Pokemon GO code. July currently lacks codes a bit, although we expect this to change soon.

How to apply Pokemon GO codes on Android

Android users can redeem codes in two ways. One uses Web Pokemon GO Apply. Log in, enter your code and after applying you will receive a message in the game that contains your items.

If you don’t like them, you can use them in the game. Click the PokeBall icon to open the menu, then select Store. The promo code section is below.

How to redeem Pokemon GO codes on iOS

IOS users can only redeem codes with Web Pokemon GO Apply.

All Pokemon GO function codes

Some report that the Verizon code still works. It’s worth a try, but don’t be surprised if it’s invalid.

All Pokemon GO function codes All Pokemon GO function codes
Code Reward
LRQEV2VZ59UDA Verizon x2 jacket, Verizon mask,

Expired GO codes

These are the latest expired codes. If you’re trying to redeem the code and it doesn’t work, it’s probably on this list.

Expired GO codes Expired GO codes
Code Redeem
GXSD5CJ556NHG North Face and Gucci items
DJTLEKBK2G5EK Ultra Ball x20, Pinap Berry x10, sticker x10, Star Piece x1
TRFJVYZVVV8R4 Ultra Ball x30, Max Revive x10, Lucky Egg x1

There is still a lot of work in July where you can get things for free. Check out our review of Pokemon GO July Field Research and what’s new with eggs this month. If you’re new to GO, brush up on your Poke knowledge and gain a competitive advantage with our Type Match Guide.

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