All weapon skins and other cosmetics in the Thrillseekers Event for Apex Legends

Excitement weapons and cosmetic skins

Pictures via Respawn

Legend skins may be what most people crave, but they don’t sleep on other cosmetics that Apex Legends offers. The Thrillseekers event is packed with great new cosmetics, including three new legendary weapon skins, the first ever set of limited edition Arenas statistics trackers, and the fun and flashy Banner Pose game for Mirage. Let’s take a look at all the other types of cosmetics that the Thrillseekers Event has to offer.

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Weapons finders and other cosmetics

Thrillseekers is not a collection event, so these skins are either from the store or from Prize Trackers in the case of Devotion skins and two weapon spells. Many of them are only available through packages. These skins come from the actual Thrillseekers Event, not from the Summer Splash Sale.

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Burst of Courage (legendary Prowler skin)

Burst of Courage
Screenshot by gameerror

Flash of Fury (Legendary R-99 skin)

Flash of Fury
Screenshot by gameerror

Tried and true (Legendary R-301 Carbine skin)

Tried and true
Screenshot by gameerror

Burning rubber (Epic Devotion leather)

Burning rubber
Screenshot by gameerror

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Epic Mirage Banner Pose

Great performance
Screenshot by gameerror

Barrel of Laughs (Epic Mirage Banner Frame)

Barrel of laughter
Screenshot by gameerror

Barrelman Buddy (Epic Weapon Charm)

Barrelman Buddy
Screenshot by gameerror

Trusty Goggles (Epic Weapon Charm)

Trusty Goggles
Screenshot by gameerror

Boxing gloves (epic weapon charm)

Boxing gloves
Image over Respawn

Arenas Stat Trackers (Gibraltar)

Gibraltar arena trackers
Pictures via Respawn

No picture: Untitled Wallpapers from Week 3 (most likely “Thrillseekers” backgrounds)

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