All trade values and Stardust costs in Pokémon Go

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When looking for a deal with another Pokémon Go trainer, you need to consider not only what Pokémon you want from them, but also the level of your friendship with that player. For example, a player at the Best Friends level will not cost you enough Stardust to trade with you, compared to a new player you have just met at the Good Friend level. In this guide, we will describe in detail all the trading values ​​and costs of Stardust for trading in Pokémon Go.

The level of friendship with this player and the type of Pokémon trade you want to close determines the value. A shiny or legendary Pokémon will cost you more Stardust than a regular Pokémon. It also depends on whether you have Pokémon registered in your Pokédex. If it is a brand new Pokémon for you or the player you trade with, which is rocketing up and very quickly becomes expensive. You want to keep these factors in mind when negotiating a trade with another player in Pokémon Go.

These are all trading values ​​and costs of Stardust for trading with another player in Pokémon Go.

Friendship level Regular Pokémon Regular Pokémon Legendary or shiny Pokémon Legendary or shiny Pokémon
Registered in Pokéex New Pokémon in Pokédex Registered in Pokédex New Pokémon in PokéDex
A good friend 100 stardust 20,000 stardust 20,000 stardust 1,000,000 stellar dust
Great friend 100 stardust 16,000 stardust 16,000 stardust 800,000 stardust
Ultra Friend 100 stardust 1,600 stardust 1,600 stardust 80,000 stardust
Best friend 100 stardust 800 stardust 800 stardust 40,000 stardust

The most expensive stores are legendary or shiny Pokémon stores. These are also special deals, which means you can only make them once a day in your account. If you complete a special trade with one player, you cannot make another special trade with other players until the cooldown expires in 24 hours. There are times when Niantic allows players to do more special trades, such as Pokémon Go Fest events. You can check the Pokémon Go twitter page to find out when these Special Trade events are available.

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