All Summer Splash Sale Legend skins and cosmetics in Apex Legends

Summer introductory sale of new skins

Pictures via Respawn

With the debut of the Thrillseekers Event at Apex Legends, a summer sale appeared next to it. Summer Splash Sale, although not directly related to the event itself, offers a decent amount. It is the source of the new Lifeline, Octane and Fuse skins, which were introduced in the Thrillseekers Event trailer, and also brings some older favorite fans.

All summer splash cosmetics

Summer introductory store
Screenshot by gameerror

The summer splash sale is a mixture of brand new items and returning exclusive items. New cosmetics are epic, while returning cosmetics are legendary. Most of the cosmetics in this sale are only available through the appropriate packages, however, both returning legendary skins of legend legends are also available separately. These were Young Blood Bloodhound skin and Voidwalker Wraith skin. All packages for this event come with at least one Apex package.

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In total, there are nine cosmetics available that do not include anything you could get in the package. Five Legend skins, three weapon skins and one weapon spell.

Festive decoration (leather Epic Fuse)

Festive decoration
Screenshot by gameerror

Jammer (Epic Lifeline leather)

Screenshot by gameerror

Apex Jump (Epic Octane skin)

Apex Jump
Screenshot by gameerror

Horn of Battle (Weapon Charm)

Horn of Battle
Screenshot by gameerror

Young Blood (Legendary Bloodhound skin)

Young blood
Screenshot by gameerror

Voidwalker (Legendary Wraith skin)

Screenshot by gameerror

Safety first (Legendary Charge Rifle skin)

Safety first
Screenshot by gameerror

Norwegian code (legendary Mozambican skin)

Nordic Code
Screenshot by gameerror

Ivory Fang (legendary leather P2020)

Ivory Fang
Screenshot by gameerror

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