All September 2021 Ditto disguises in Pokémon Go – How to catch a Ditto

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Ditto is a unique Pokémon that you can watch in Pokémon Go. You will never find it in the wild in its standard form. Instead, he will be disguised as a random Pokémon in the world. These Pokémon disguises change, usually at the beginning of the season, so you can expect a number of new Ditto disguises for Season of Mischief. There is also a chance that players will catch a shiny Ditto from September 1 in their local areas.

All of September 2021 Ditto disguises

These are all Pokémon Ditto, which can be disguised in Pokémon Go from September 2021.

  • Drowzee
  • Dwebble
  • Foongus
  • Gastly
  • Gulpin
  • Number
  • Remoraid
  • Stunky
  • Tediursa

You can roam each of these Pokémon through the wilderness throughout your area.

How does catching Ditto work?

Before you catch Ditto in Pokéball, there’s no way to say that the Pokémon you’re about to click on will turn into one. The only clue you have is to know Ditt’s disguises. You want to inform them as much as possible.

You will have to keep clicking on these Pokémon in the wild and try to catch them. Eventually, when you catch it, you will receive this different animation after they go to Pokéball.

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If you see “Oh?” Above your Pokéball, then you go to another screen and see how the Pokémon you caught turns into Ditto. The background also looks different than traditional Pokémon.

Apart from this short animation, after capturing Ditto, there is no way to find out where the Pokémon is in the world. You may have a chance to capture one for a special research task or event, but you must know in advance that it is a reward. When they tell you that Ditto is a reward for captivity, you have a standard meeting with Ditto.

Make sure you keep up with the list we have provided to make sure you are fishing for Ditto. This list is rotating, so expect to be updated regularly with new Pokémon.

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