All races in Ashes of Creation

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With so many classes to choose from in Ashes of Creation, there are several character creation options to choose from. There are several races to choose from between character creation options. When choosing from races in Ashes of Creation, there are no features that adjust your character’s statistics, so they are purely aesthetic and any choice you make should not affect your class selection.

These are all races you can play as in Ashes of Creation.

Aela Humans

Aela Humans is divided into Kaelar and Vaelune. Aela Humans are the most human-looking species in the Ashes of Creation, while other races are


The Kaelar people have unwavering loyalty to those they trust and call them friends, making them rich people capable of facing any challenge they face and overcoming any enemy, despite the obstacles ahead. Many imperial empires and homes were created with a medieval European appearance, which gave them a traditional fantasy story.


The people of Vaelune are people who started in the desert and got used to the harsh reality of the climate. The empire where they started had few resources to call them their own, but because citizens learned to trade smartly with visitors and strangers, they created a monumental and prosperous empire.

Dünzenkell dwarfs

The Dünzenkel dwarves are divided into Dünir and Niküa.


Dünir are traditional dwarves that you have read from any of the fantasy run-of-the-mill settings. They live under the mountains, forge fantastic weapons and are incredible blacksmiths who create phenomenal equipment and defense.


Nicosia dwarves are unable to stay underground because of bad. Rather, they deviate from their cousins ​​from Dünir and are much more at home above ground, trying to increase their prestige in order to move into the family hierarchy.

Kaivek Orcs

The Kaivek goblins are divided into Ren’kai and Vek.


Ren’Kai goblins are a spiritual group that tries to keep the center and focus on controlling their emotions. However, when they unleash their inner rage, few can withstand their onslaught and hold them back. As long as Ren’kai concentrates on his inner spirit, they are extremely kind.


Age goblins have eyes on the stars and the sky above. They seek life outside the world in which they were born, trying to learn prophecy and seek advice in the stars to find out how their wars will go. You could say they have too many heads in the clouds. But because they are so familiar with the stars, they are excellent navigators on ships.

Pyrian elves

The Pyrian elves are divided into Empyrean and Py’rai.


The Empyrean elves are extremely warlike, with capable military force and a strict structure throughout their society. Therefore, it is likely that those who desire to become this race will have to focus precisely on their goals and want to achieve them.


The Py’rai Eleves are one with nature, but the scarier and relentless side. Although attuned to Earth, they can wage deadly wars against those who transcend them. Unfortunately, their enemies have also found that many rarely take any prisoners with them.


The Tulnar race consists of different races. Unlike others in Ashes of Creation, Tulnar has no options. Instead, players will be able to choose from a variety of options and customize their tulnar characters to look humanoid, mammalian or reptile. They seem to have some of a variety of character creation options.

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