All Nuggets of Wisdom locations in Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2

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Psychonauts 2 has many collectibles that you can grab when you travel the corners of the human mind. The figures are everywhere and you will certainly come across some emotional luggage from time to time, but the Nuggets of Wisdom are few and far between. Since these collectibles will immediately increase your rank, you will have to do some hunting to find them. Here are the places of the Nuggets of Wisdom in Lobot’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2.

If on your first play you try to collect all the collectibles for Lobot’s Labyrinth and you can’t find the Nuggets of Wisdom, don’t worry and continue the story. You will need to return to this level in the future via Brain Tumbler at Sasha’s Lab or Green Needle Gulch.

When you return to Lobot’s Labyrinth, you will be located at headquarters. Head forward and use Pyrokinesis on the giant painting of Lobot to reveal the teddy bear Nugget hiding behind him.

Screenshot by Gamepuru

For the second Nugget of Wisdom, go to the PSI-Popper Generator (a green worm that will quickly take you through the level). Go to the trash area and jump to the door with the teeth you opened here for the first time. Open it again using Telekinesis and you can grab the last nugget of wisdom for this level.

Screenshot by Gamepuru

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