All new Advancements & Achievements in Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 1

New progress - it's a bird

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The main update of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs brought many new functions, objects and blocks to Minecraft, and with it come a lot of new improvements. Progress or achievements / trophies in the Bedrock Edition are not used to acquire any kind of game goods, but are there for players who complete the game. In total, there are 14 new unlockable ones: 11 enhancements for the Java Edition and 3 new achievements for the Bedrock Edition. Let’s take a look at them all.

Caves & Cliffs Part 1 Advancements (Java)

  • Whatever floats your goat!
    Swim on a boat with a goat
  • Wax on
    Apply the honeycomb to the copper block
  • Wax off
    Scrape the wax from the copper block
  • The cutest Predator
    Grab the Axolotl in the bucket
  • The healing power of friendship!
    Connect with Axolotl and win the duel
  • Glow and Behold
    Glow sign
  • Light like a rabbit
    Walking on powder with leather boots
  • Overvoltage protection!
    Make lightning with a lightning rod near the villager without setting fire to the area
  • Is it a bird?
    Look at the parrot through binoculars
  • Is it a balloon?
    Look at Ghasta through binoculars
  • Is it a plane?
    Look at the Ender Dragon through binoculars

Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Achievements / Trophies (bedrock)

  • Wax on Wax off
    Apply and remove wax from all copper blocks
  • Swim your goat
    Get in the boat and pay with the goat
  • The healing power of friendship
    Connect with Axolotl and win the duel

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