All Memory Vault locations in Compton’s Cookoff in Psychonauts 2

Screenshot by Gamepuru

Thanks to the game show Ram It Down at the level of Cookoff by Psychonauts 2 Compton, you will quickly run among various kitchen utensils with animals as you try to prepare food within the time limit. Due to that fast run back and forth, you may be missing some collectibles that you need to return later. Here are the locations of the Memory Vault in Compton’s Cookoff in Psychonauts 2.

There are two memory safes in Compton’s Cookoff, which are quite easy to come across. No special skills or upgrades are needed to grab them.

The first memory safe is located directly in front of the cat mixer. We recommend that you intervene outside the time periods so that you do not waste valuable time that could be used to prepare other ingredients.

The second memory safe is also quite visible and you may have noticed it out of the corner of your eye while preparing food. It sits on the ledge just below the chain you need to pull to control the pig chopper. Just go where he is and go down to his level. If you jump, you can overshoot your jump and fall into space or land on a rail that will take you away.

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