All maps in Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal

At Battlefield 2042, in the primary game, and at Battlefield Portal, there will be two major variants of maps. Battlefield Portal is your chance to organize various matches in which your favorite Battlefield armies will play and pit them against each other in any creative format you can conjure up. Although you won’t be able to directly edit the map’s mechanics, you’ll be able to place almost any Battlefield army against another in the entire Battlefield series. In this guide, we will describe in detail all the maps in Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal.

It’s just a handful of the ones we’ve discovered so far, and we can expect a much larger range to be introduced, which will be released until Battlefield 2042 is released on October 22nd.

Battlefield 2042


Image via EA

Fire and ice collided in Breakaway, where oil production turned a cold environment into a heated climate catastrophe. On this dynamic map, you won’t be surprised to find destructible fuel tanks with which you can clear a path through a fortified enemy position.


Image via EA

The decommissioned features of the giant ships that once roamed the seas were permanently anchored so that they could be removed for spare parts. It has been transformed into a war zone, where players will dive between ships to avoid dangerous storms in the region.


Image via EA

Keep your eyes open when walking through an hourglass in which the Doha area of ​​Qatar is almost engulfed by storms. Unfortunately, you will have a hard time finding enemies around you and it will be even more difficult to find your allies.


Image via EA

The modern city will be full of rapid missiles at Kaleidoscope, Songo, South Korea. You can use ziplines to get between buildings, but you’ll want to move fast and keep your head down to avoid the deadly snipers waiting to pounce.


Image via EA

If you thought windstorms were bad enough, the Manifesto gives you a chance to try your luck at avoiding these rainstorms. The location of the Manifesto takes place in Singapore, in an important American supply port.


Image via EA

The rocket is about to fire into the air on the Orbital map, which means you want to get to a safe place before it shuts down. But the approaching rocket launch is not the only thing you need to watch out for, and there are many approaching storms raging in the area that can blow you up.


Image via EA

The restoration was an attempt to bring processed agriculture back into the desert of crushed Egypt, with the wall in the middle separating the two, which is right in the middle of the map. You will fight in harsh deserts, next to lush fields and dive between buildings to try to survive.

Battlefield portal

Battlefield 1942 – Battle of the Bulge

Image via EA

The Battle of the Ardennes, commonly referred to as the Arden Counter-Offensive, was a historic battle during World War II, when the German army counterattacked the Allies. The German army attacked out of nowhere, surprised Allied forces in the hope of removing them from the Belgian port of Antwerp and negotiating peace in favor of both Germans.

Battlefield 1942 – El Alamein

Image via EA

El Alamein was a battle between the Allies and the Germans in Egypt, where the Allies prevented German campaigns in the Middle East. The Germans were weakened when the Allies rushed forward to embark on the German campaign, but a powerful tank division was there to greet the attacking forces.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Arica Harbor

Image via EA

Formerly a bustling port full of merchants and traders, Arica Harbor has become a complete war zone with tanks breaking through buildings and soldiers held on the top floors, waiting to surprise enemies who cross their path. You can choose to go door to door, clear the enemy or jump into the vehicle of your choice and go through the chaos.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Valparaiso

Image via EA

A small village in Chile was turned into a chaotic battlefield, the infantry rushed through the dense jungle and used helicopters with weapons to clean the buildings. You can fight in the jungle, in the sky or drive the enemy back to shore.

Battlefield 3 – Caspian borders

Image via EA

Fans of Avid Battlefield 3 return to the Caspian border and fight for the best forces in the fight against vehicles. Of course, there is always the possibility of chasing an infantry tank on foot, but it’s up to you how you want to approach this diverse battlefield.

Battlefield 3 – Noshahr Canals

Image via EA

Jump in a boat and hit the water when the US Marines launch an attack on the Iranian coast, where you can find yourself on the decks of a large carrier, in the middle of the sea against an attack helicopter or on the banks of a war – a decorated beach.

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