All Halloween halo answers in Roblox Royale High (2021)

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Halloween is on the horizon and events to celebrate the same will be broadcast in several Roblox games. As last year, Roblox Royale High introduced the Halloween Stories challenge, in which players must go through ten stories and choose the answer at the end of each. However, there is no one right option, because each answer brings a different reward. This means that here are all the answers that will allow players to win this year’s Halo.

All halo halo answers

Each question has four options and each option brings a different reward.

  1. Witch Agatha- Kawaii ghost statuette
  2. The story of Maxwell’s ghosts- Cellar
  3. An abandoned mansion with four stories of a dark room- Walk through the attic
  4. Orange sheet of paper- Invite a friend to go with you
  5. A miniature story about a tornado Run away, it’s some weird Halloween thing you didn’t need in your life
  6. The story of Jinx’s brewery A flask of the mysterious Almighty
  7. The story of Echo in the Forest- Scream for help
  8. Stray dark kitten story- Find an owner
  9. The story of the cemetery Explore the empire
  10. A walk through the story of business- Wild werewolf mask

Remember that choosing the above answers will not guarantee a halo, but will only increase your chances of winning. This means that there is no guaranteed way to win Halo other than choosing the answers above.

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