All games in The Jackbox Party Pack 8

Jackbox Party Pack 8

Picture through Jackbox games

Every year, game gurus at Jackbox Games come up with new concepts and fresh iterations of previous games for the new party package. Jackbox Party Pack 8 is the entry into the annual series of game collections until 2021 and appears to be an ante for colorful and unpredictable aesthetics and game mechanics. The four games announced at the time of writing will be ordered at the time they are announced, with the fifth and final game being revealed.

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Job Job

The job application process isn’t usually fun, but Job Jobs tries to damn it. Job Job with the support of three to 10 players gives you input answers to questions about icebreakers – these answers will then be shuffled and passed on to other players, who will use (hopefully) fun answers to questions about job interviews using words from these answers.

Poll mine

Get ready for an adventure where your strange opinions and tastes decide. Poll Mine has two to 10 players trapped in a literal mine, divided into two competing groups. You will vote for your top three choices in a number of categories and the voting results will determine the right door for the next team. So much can change as you run, so keep your stupid opinions as close to your chest as possible.

Cartoon: Animate

Jackbox veterans know Drawful and its sequels very well, but the third iteration of this classic adds a fun twist that is worth being excited about. Drawful: Animate lets you draw two slides that you can play in a loop – you’re not making a Pixar movie here, but there’s still plenty of potential to create a mini flipbook for your friends. Best of all, the number of players has grown to a maximum of 10 people.

A wheel of enormous dimensions

The Jackbox series introduced a number of special personalities and characters, but the Wheel of Enormous Dimensions is centered around a fairly omniscient. This benevolent sentient bike will give you a number of small questions and earn you slices of the bike if you give a good performance. Spin the wheel in the hope that it will land on your slices, and the winner can ask any question he wants on this celebrated magic 8-ball.

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