All Echoing Conch shell locations Genshin Impact Day 3 Act 3 – Echoing Tales

The last day of the Echoing Conch collection has arrived at Genshin Impact and the last four shells are now in play. Just like last time, once you know where to go, you can simply go to the right places and communicate with the shells and collect them.

When you’re done, don’t forget to go to the event card and collect a reward for finding all 32 echoes. It should be noted that players will need to complete the Dodo-King of the Sea quest before these Echoing Conches appear in your game.

Finally, if you need to find previous groups of shell echoes, you can find the location of all shell echoes on day 1 and day 2 in the respective guides you refer to below:

  • Day 1 Echoing conch location
  • Day 2 Places of echo of the shell

6-1 Minacious Isle – Archon’s Deeds

On the north side of Minacious Island, down on the beach.

6-3 Pudding Island – Grilled fish, turtles and innocence

Just south of the teleport on Pudding Island, on a small overhang about halfway up the cliff.

6-2 North of Pudding Isle – Seaside Reminiscence

On an island north of Pudding Isle, near Hilichurls Camp. Before you can pick up, you will need to remove all Hilichurly.

6-4 Middle Island – The Wolf’s Dilemma

On an island in the middle of an archipelago where you can find a boss.

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