All Echoing Conch shell locations Genshin Impact Day 2 Act 2 – Echoing Tales

In Act 2, The Adventures of Midsummer Island’s Genshin Impact, players will have to explore some of the strange facilities that will make the islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago much larger. This also means that many more Echoing Conches will appear on the new islands.

In this guide we will show you where to find all the echo shells from the 2nd act. If you need the first day, you will find them in this guide. There is also a video guide that you may find useful, as some of them are in very annoying places, which may not be obvious from the maps below.

All locations of shell echoes 2

4-2 Stoic Bloom – Central Island

4-3 Homeland – Central Island

7-8 Pudding Isle – Pro-Exit Persuasion

2-1 North of Pudding Isle – The Trapped

5-1 Pudding Isle – professional experiment

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