All Echoing Conch locations Genshin Impact Day 1 – Echoing Tales

Every day during the Echoing Tales event, new Echoing Conches appear in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Players can collect them and get prizes and rewards. In this guide we will show you where to find all the shells from the first day of the event.

There are a total of five and most of them are easily accessible, each telling their own story. Echoing Conches are divided into groups that can be viewed on the in-game events page, so you can always keep track of the ones you’ve already found.

Echoing Conches can only be collected once and will not reappear in your game once they are grabbed.

1-3 Twinning Isle – One river flowing through the center

1-4 – Twinning Isle – Four Winds brings the sound of joy

4-1 Pudding Isle – General

7-6 Pudding Isle – price of the experiment

You’ll find it on a rock near a pile of broken wood and crates to the east of the teleportation point.

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