All Dezzy Teddy Bear locations in Roblox Slayers Unleashed

In Roblox Slayers Unleashed, her name is Megan, who lost her Teddy Bear Dezzy. Your task is to find her bear and bring them back to her. Offering a valuable reward for your efforts and placing for a bear can be a little difficult to narrow down. You’re looking for one Dezzy teddy bear, but it can appear in three places. They are different for each player, so explore each one to find the one you need to catch.

East Cliff Dezzy Teddy Bear

The first location of the Dezzy bear you will find is on the side of the cliff east of the city. Go out the east entrance and several unnecessary demons will block your path. Find your way around them and head to the cliffs. You want to jump to the lowest cliff and start climbing with it, which can be a bit tricky. To the left of the top should be a path that will lead you straight up. Once you reach the top, the teddy bear is on the ground.

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Dezzy Teddy Bear southeast cliff

Near the first potential place is another place where Dezzy bears can appear. Then it will be something in front of the first cliff, right in the corner of the mountain. Reaching the top of this cliff area is much easier than the previous one.

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Dezzy teddy bear southern grass

The final potential location is to the right of the previous southeast cliff, closer to the south. It will be in the back corner, directly opposite several cliffs. It should sit on a pile of grass.

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Once you get Dezzy Teddy Bear for Megan, return to her and you’ll be rewarded at the beginning of the game.

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