All classes in Tribes of Midgard

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Your goal in Tribes of Midgard will be to defend the village you are building on the mighty Seed of Yggdrasil located right in the middle. Many of the scary creatures you will encounter in the world will work your way into your village and want to destroy it. Before you can consider how best to defend your village, you must decide on your class, which will give you a clear style of play. There are eight classes to choose from.

All classes in the Midgard tribes


The goddess Thrúðr taught Berserker the art of fighting and how to use her aggressive emotions to her advantage. A small one can stop a berserker when it explodes in the middle of a fight, and little can match the extent of the destruction it causes. With this class you will more often use massive two-handed weapons.


The Guardian draws his strength and inspiration from Forseti, using a trusted sword and a robust shield to protect his allies. If you plan to play as a Guardian, you will find yourself in the middle of a battle and charge forward to suffer most damage to protect your allies and push the enemy back. Thanks to this, you will be able to stand on the feet of even the toughest enemies.


For those who prefer to remain agile and use a melee weapon, Hunter, provided by Skaði’s wisdom, will watch dangerous enemies and stay in the shadows. This agile character may be more prone to damage than other classes, but their agility will keep them alive, along with the added benefit of using magic totems to increase their abilities and even sustain their lives if they fall in battle.

Border guard

By directing the power of the mighty hunter Ullr, the Rangers use ranged combat to advance, attacking from the shadows to attack their opponents. Rangers are similar to Hunters, only using remote abilities. This class is ideal for those who prefer to stay at a distance and protect their allies with their target. But you will fight quite close.


The seers are connected to the tree of the world and have learned from the goddess Iðunn how to control the environment around them. They are able to use spells to control and control things around them, to use them to their advantage and their allies around them.


For those who prefer to use a shield and remain at the head of the pack, the Sons have taught the Sentinels how to conduct a charge properly. Like the Guardian, the Sentinels will inspire their allies to push forward and use their shield to counter enemy attacks and stay in battle. The Rangers may be better at hitting, but the Sentinels may return it.


Goddess Iðunn leads the Rangers by showing them how to inspire their allies and destructive power to any enemy who is brave enough to enter their village. You will work with your allies to provide them with additional strength during the fight.


The warrior is ruled by the same justice that leads Tire, who is able to use different melee skills and spells to his advantage. When you play as a warrior, you will also use a shield to help protect yourself, much like the Guardian, but you will find that you are much more aggressive and dealing more damage to enemy attacks threatening your village.

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