All classes in Ashes of Creation

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Ashes of Creation is a dynamic MMO experience where cities grow and others crumble to dust based on your interaction and the possibilities within it. During this extensive journey, your character has a chance to choose from different classes in the game. While you and a friend can start as the same starting class, it is likely that later you will become something extremely different based on your secondary class. This is because your primary class determines your starting point, but your secondary class transforms your character into something else and opens up your skill tree to various possibilities.

These are all classes you can choose from in Ashes of Creation. Your character’s class will vary depending on the primary and secondary classes you give them.

Bard Cleric Fighter Magician Border guard Rascal Crier Tank
Bard Minstrel Soul Weaver Tellsword Magician Song Warden Cheat Singer of songs Siren
Cleric Scryer The high priest Templar Soothsayer Protector Shadow pupil Shaman Apostle
Fighter Bladedancer Sword Weapon master Magic sword hunter Shadow blade Bladecaller Dreadnought
Magician Magician Acolyte Battle Mage Archwizard Spellhunter Shadow Caster Wizard Magic stone
Border guard Bowsinger Soul Pedestrian Scion Hawkeye Scout Falconer Guard
Rascal Charlatan Cultist Fight Nightspell Predator Murderer Shadow Lord Shadow Guardian
Crier Magician Necromancer Wild Blade Magician Beastmaster Shadowmancer Magician Bread Warden
Tank Silver Paladin Knight Magic shield Administrator Night shield Keeper Guardian

When you choose the default class, you will be able to choose the second class until your character reaches level 25. Your character will not be able to change their primary class, but will be able to change their secondary class.

For example, if your character starts a game like Rogue, it will always be this class. When they reach level 25, they have a chance to choose from any other archetype and become something completely new. If your Rogue chooses his secondary class as the Mage, he will become a Nightspell. This character has a chance to change their secondary class to change from a Mage to a Warrior, making your character a Duelist. Your secondary class will expand the abilities and skills of your primary class.

There are a total of 64 classes to choose from in Ashes of Creation. When it comes to individual combat, there will always be a class that will face yours, and you will be able to face certain classes. Ashes of Creation usually focuses on balancing combat for group scenarios, so you want to think more about the role of your character in the group than how they act as a lone warrior.

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