All chest locations in Roblox Royale High Halloween event

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Although Halloween isn’t the next few weeks, that hasn’t stopped Roblox Royal High from celebrating the spooky holidays. During this action, there are five chests on the map that the player can find. Inside these chests are sweets and a special item that you can only get during this event. This guide will show you where to find all five chests.

Chest one

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It is easiest to obtain because it is so close to friction. When you get into the game, simply turn around and head to the station. Then turn right onto the platform. The chest will be right next to the luggage.

Chest two

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This chest is also relatively close to friction. From the spawn, turn right until you see a set of stairs. Take the stairs up and turn left until you see a white building with a small spiral staircase. His door will open and he will place his chest inside.

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Chest three

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From where you found chest two, turn right and head to the end of the street. There you will find the third chest.

Chest location four

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From the spawn, turn left down the street until you see the building in the picture above. His door will open and there is a fourth chest inside. Some players had a problem with the door not opening. If this happens, we recommend restarting the game.

Chest placement five

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Head to Wickery Cliffs. As you walk uphill, you will notice a small stone path that cuts into the forest area.

Embark on this journey and there are three wooden pallets a few short steps away. Follow the wooden pallets and towards the small area where candles and ghosts float. There you will find the fifth and last chest. This chest will provide an exclusive Candy Bag Pillowcase.

Screenshot by Gamepuru

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