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Marvel Future Revolution is an open world RPG available on mobile devices. The main goal of the game is to explore a huge world, complete tasks and reveal various secrets. Although the list is short, there are heroes to help players advance the game. Because you only start with one character at the beginning of the game, we’ve compiled a list for each character.

S level

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  • Doctor Strange
  • iron Man

Both of these characters boast insane damage and are played very effectively. The Doctor Strange set is the easiest to run, and its AoE damage can remove piles of enemies in a short series. Iron Man, on the other hand, fits perfectly into the final game and is great for PvE content. It does not need the right settings and is self-sufficient.


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  • black Widow
  • Captain America

Black Widow, like two S-level characters, hides considerable damage in its kit. However, it excels in PCBs with a single goal and its use is a bit tricky. Captain America is the only defensive-oriented character in the game, which makes him very unique. The higher his defense, the more damage he will do.

B Level

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  • Spider Man
  • Captain Marvel
  • Storm

Most of the characters in this layer are either difficult to perform or lack damage. Spider-Man has a hard kit that requires a lot of practice and a decent amount of experience. However, it is good for the story mode of the game. Storm is very similar to Doctor Strange and has a lot of AoE damage in its kit. This means that Storm lacks any mobility and is very easy to block. Captain Marvel is an enthusiast of all trades and does everything, but he does not excel in a single aspect.

C Level

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  • Star Lord

The main disadvantage of playing Star-Lord is getting used to its unpredictable style of play. Unlike most characters in the game, Star-Lord has average damage and relies heavily on his debuff mechanics to eliminate quests. He is very slow in clearing quests and can fight bosses and raids at higher levels. This means that players with a firm grip on his set can use it.

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