All characters in Guilty Gear Strive

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The battle is tough in Guilty Gear Strive, and many warriors have come to face heaven or hell. At the time of writing, you need to play 15 characters, as well as others on the DLC journey.

Full list of Guilty Gear Strive characters (and their battle types)

  • Sol (balance)
  • Ky (balance)
  • May (balance)
  • Axl (long range)
  • Chipp (high speed)
  • Potemkin (throwing)
  • Faust (unique)
  • Millia (high speed)
  • But (technical)
  • Ramlethal (shooting)
  • Lion (balance)
  • Nagoriyuki (one shot)
  • Giovanna (rush)
  • Anji (balance)
  • I-No (rush)

Beginners in the Guilty Gear series may want to choose simpler characters like Ky (mostly Ryu from the series), May and Sol, which are easy to use for users. Web Guilty Gear. Veterans are likely to have great fun learning I-No and Nagoriyuki, which are harder to master.

Remarkable exclusion

With a limited list at the beginning, it is clear that some notable characters from the Guilty Gear franchise have not yet edited since writing. Interestingly, some of the newcomers to the previous Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator game also didn’t jump on Strive. They contain:

  • Baiken
  • Dizzy
  • Sin Kiske
  • Elphelt
  • Jack-0
  • Jam
  • Johnny

The upcoming DLC ​​of this game is likely to bring back some of the old favorites, newcomers and debuting characters from the Xrd series.

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