All Blood Furnace quests in World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade

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For players who want to jump into the Burning Crusade World of Warcraft Classic dungeon, Blood Furnace, there are tasks you can complete when trying this dungeon. These tasks will be exclusive to factions, so you must complete them depending on whether you are on the side of the Horde or the Alliance, but they come with the same name. When you reach a later point and try the heroic version of the Blood Furnace dungeon, there is also a task you can complete when trying.

All Blood Furnace quests

Blood is life

The Blood is Life quest requires you to leave with 10 Fel Orc blood vials that will fall out of the basic crowd enemies you encounter during the first part of the dungeon. It will be every Fel Orc you meet on your way to instances, so you always have to plunder them to make sure you catch them. As an Alliance, when you have all 10, return to Gunny for an Honor Hold at 56.4, 66.6. They will be a red bearded dwarf. If you’re playing for the Horde, you need to talk to Caza’rez in Thrallmar, which is 54.8, 36.0.

Heart of rage

The Heart of Fury task will make you explore and learn what’s going on inside the Bloody Furnace, which means you have to go through a dungeon to succeed. For Alliance players, you will have to talk to Gunny again in the same place in Honor Hold at 56.4, 66.6. But now you need to talk to Force Commander Danath Trollbane. You’ll find them at 56.6, 66.6, right next to Gunny. When you play as a Horde player, you talk to Cazarez in Thrallmar at 54.8, 36.0. When you complete the dungeon, report to Nazgrel in Orgrimmar at 32.6, 36.0.

Heroic – Wanted: Keli’dan’s Feathered Stave

The heroic search for the Blood Furnace dungeon is called Wanted: Keli’dan’s Feathered Stave. This will make you fight and defeat the last head of the Blood Furnace, Keli’dan Breaker. All you have to do is complete the dungeon on Heroic difficulty and his weapon will become yours. You will receive the task from Wind Trader Zhareem, which can be found in Shattraht City at 75.0, 36.8. For trouble you get 13 gold, 20 silver and 2 judges’ badges.

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