All Badge of Justice vendor locations in World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade

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The Badge of Justices is an item that you will try to farm as you progress through the adventures of Burning Crusade in the World of Warcraft Classic game. This currency is rewarded for completing many heroic versions of dungeons and raids that you can complete in the Burning Crusade expansion. When you have enough currency badge of justice, you can visit several vendors who claim valuable rewards.

All vendors of the badge of justice

There are six Rewards for the Justice Badge you can submit to the Burning Crusade.

  • G’eras: They are located in Shattrath City in 51.0, 41.2
  • Kayri: They are on the Isle of Quel’Danas at Sun Reach Armory on the top floor at 50.0, 39.8
  • Shaani: They are on Quel’Danas Island in Sun Reach Harbor on 51.4, 32.6
  • Smith Hauthaa: They are on the island of Quel’Danas in solar armor at 50.6, 40.8

All of these NPCs will accept your Badge of Justice currency and provide you with a variety of useful items that you can add to your weapons, increasing your gear and gaining access to the best items when you reach the final Burning Crusade content. G’eras will be the first to visit because they are available for most of the game. The other three, Kayri, Shanni and Smith Hauthaa, appear after the third phase of the Shattered Sun offensive.

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