All Axolotl color variants in Minecraft

Axolotl colors

Pictures via Mojang

When you think of an Axolotl, you probably think of a pink Axolotl first. However, Minecraft has a whole rainbow of Axolotls that you can lure, fight, breed and collect. In total, eight different textures were used for Axolotl, however, only five are currently present in the game. Two are older versions of current game colors and one is an unreleased color that may look like the future. Let’s take a look at every color of Axolotl in Minecraft.

All colors Axolotl

Color chart Axolotl
Pictures via Mojang


  • Leucistic
    Leucistic Axolotls, or “Lucy” for short, are light pink with pink details
  • Fierce
    Wild Axolotls are brown with dark brown details
  • Turquoise
    Cyan axolotls are bluish white with pink details
  • Gold
    Gold axolotls are yellow and gold details

Ordinary Axolotl paints have the same exact chance of spawning at about 24.98%. Overall, there is a 99.917% chance that a breed or bred Axolotl will be common.


  • Blue
    Blue Axolotls are periwinkle blue with blue and orange details.

Rare axolotls are extremely difficult to find. They have only a 0.083% chance of reproduction. However, they also have the same chance in breeding if you want to try them again and again.

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Unpublished / deleted

  • Leucistic (old version)
    The old version of the Leucistic Axolotl was yellowish pink. Their game replacement is common.
  • Wild (old version)
    The old version of the Wild Axolotl was brownish orange. Their game replacement is common.
  • Green
    Green Axolotls are lime green with green details. They were displayed in the Axolotl announcement, but are not currently in play. Whether to be added later remains to be seen, but it could have been replaced by a rare blue axolotl.

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