All Aeon Gem bundles and prices in Pokémon Unite

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Aeon Gems are Pokémon Unite microtransactions that can be used to buy various items from the game store. From licenses to play specific Pokémon to cosmetics for both the trainer and the Pokémon you play, because you can spend some beautiful items on these Aeon gems. Of course, most of these cosmetics can be bought for Aeon Coins coins, but if you want these items right now, you can buy them right now with Aeon Gems. Here are all the packages and prices of Aeon Gem in Pokémon Unite.

You can buy seven Aeon Gem packages at the Pokémon Unite store. The first four gems will offer you double gems on your first purchase. Then you will still receive bonus gems during the next purchases as in the last three packages. Here are the different packages.

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  • 60 gems for $ 0.99
  • 245 gems for $ 3.99
  • 490 gems for $ 7.99
  • 1220 gems for $ 19.99
  • 2,450 gems for $ 39.99
  • 3050 gems for $ 49.99
  • 6,000 gems for $ 99.99

After purchasing Aeon Gems, go to the game store and you can choose in which part of the game you want to shop. The Unite Battle Committee will get you licenses to play Pokémon at any time, Aeos Emporium will have coach cosmetics, and Zirco Trading will have new skins for Pokémon. Remember that you can also spend these gems for a Battle Pass and start earning locked cosmetics at premium levels. Premium Pass Plus instantly earns you ten levels in Battle Pass.

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