All accessibility options in Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A colorful story

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While Chicory: A Colourale Tale is a largely harmless and healthy gaming experience, there are several visual and gameplay elements that players will need to customize to suit their needs. Fortunately, chicory includes a number of accessibility options that you should go through before starting the game.

Whether you’re having trouble fighting bosses or just really hate “wet sounds”, Chicory: A colorful fairy tale is a lot of thoughtful options. And while there are no explicit settings for color blindness, none of the puzzles require you to distinguish between colors, and they are purely aesthetic. As already mentioned, different colors can provide an advantage in distinguishing different parts of the environment.

Below you can browse options that highlight a particular way to access.

Graphic Design

  • Eye Helper: Tones the screen to have warmer colors (default / none / lots)
  • Blinking effects: Enable or disable blinking effects (Yes / No, thanks)
  • Screenshake: Set how much the screen can shake (Yes / No / Bit)


  • Button Hold: Set whether some actions require you to hold the buttons (OK / Toggle instead)
  • Controller Rumble: Adjust the intensity of the Controller Rumble (oh yeah / some / Nada)
  • Controller Stick Deadzone: Sets the dead zone for the control lever
  • Cursor speed: Set how sensitive the cursor is


  • Wet sounds: Enable or disable “wet” sounds that can be rough (Love ’em / Let’s not)


  • Text scroll speed: Set how fast the bubbles fill with text (default / faster / instant / slower)
  • Text effects: Enables or disables text animations during dialog (completely / not at all)
  • Font style: Enable or disable some “fun” fonts that may be harder to read (fun / readable)


  • Player health: How many times can a player be hit before a fall (2 hits (default) / 3 hits / Cannot fall / Untouchable / 1 hit)
  • Reaction Speed: Set the speed of game elements that require a reaction (100% / 25% / 50% / 75%)
  • Content Warning: Warning when potentially sensitive content is to appear (Disabled / Enabled)
  • Bossfight Skip Option: Allows you to skip boss fights using the pause menu (Nah / Yes, please)

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