Activision is teasing Rambo and John McClane for Warzone

Activision teases Rambo and John McClan for Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is supposed to be ready for some kind of cross-over with the iconic heroes of action movies from the 80’s.

In the last few days, the official Call of Duty Twitter account has been teased by the arrival of two iconic characters from the 1980s Warzone.

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It all started with Tweet, who shows game statistics for someone named John, with the gamertag SURVIVORJOHN # 1009062. If he doesn’t reveal it right away, a closer look at the statistics themselves will reveal more help. John has an endless KD / R. They played five games (five movies) with a total time of seven hours and all won.

As many originally pointed out, this is not a very subtle indication that we are looking at John Ramb’s statistics. Two days later, the same account published another sample, this time for a fictitious company called “Nakatomi Pipe Cleaning.” It is even Website with the slogan “Say Yippee Ki Yay to Dust”.

Of course, this is much easier to analyze, because it’s Die Hard, which more than likely means we get John McClane.

If you’re wondering why the sudden obsession with characters from the 80’s is because Warzone’s Verdansk was carried back in time to 1984. This event not only brought players an updated version of the map, but it will also open the door to the next 80’s – thematic transitions.

As for the shape it can have, there will probably be several skins representing the images of Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, which will probably be sold in the game store for real money. Of course, Warzone has done a similar crossover in the past, such as last year’s Haunting of Verdansk, which invited horror icons from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and SAW.

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