7 tips to help you win more Resident Evil Re:Verse matches

Resident Evil ReVerse

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Over some network hiccup, beta version of Resident Evil Re: Verse currently lives on Steam and is surprisingly fun for a mode that seemed like an idea when it was first announced. Six players compete in an oldschool deathmatch score, fight for famous places from the past of the Resident Evil franchise and embody iconic characters such as Ada Wong and the Bioweapon Nemesis. While the mode is pure nonsensical fun with little engaging thinking, there are a number of simple things you can do to improve your chances and get it W.


This basically covers the entire strategic depth of the game Resident Evil Re: Verse: instead of running and shooting, lurk around and look for other players who are already fighting against each other. The fastest way to earn points is to get players from other vendors who are busy and already damaged, and finish them quickly. And don’t stay even after you get killed. Immediately flee to other hiding places, because the sound of battle will always attract other players to the scene and there will also be newborn biological weapons.

Of course, none of this applies to biological weapons, which are on a timer and must be damaged quickly. When playing as a biological weapon, simply run in the direction of human players and make sure you go out with a blow.

Control items

Items appear all over the map and have a huge impact on the game. Whenever you are not busy chasing other players, you should make sure you pick up everything you see. Keep a full supply of ammunition for your primary unit (dries quickly), take special weapons and deny them to other players, and most importantly, always take virus capsules. The difference between a 0-capsule biological weapon and a 2-capsule is huge. If you already have two capsules and you can no longer take them, camp – they are marked with walls, which means that another player will definitely come and be attacked.

Always use your abilities

Resident Evil Re: Verse is not about dropshots and quickscope. The weapons in the game cause little damage and run out of ammunition quickly. On the other hand, abilities have hit hard, and using them as often as you can is the key to victory.

Before the first match, study all the characters and abilities of biological weapons on offer for a while. There are a lot of details that are not immediately apparent when using game abilities, such as the combo aspects of Hunk’s Assassinate and Active Cloak, or which abilities can knock players down.

Use protection against human players

A third-person perspective makes life at the Resident Evil Re: Verse campsite viable. Hiding behind corners can help you attack human players, as most of them rely on firearms and short-range abilities that don’t work well if you see them coming. By the way, corner camping is also the best way to start an attack with such abilities.

Do not use protection against biological weapons

If you hear the sounds of approaching biological weapons, run – they see you through the walls, so hiding around the corner is not useful. Even worse, most biological weapons excel at short-range combat; Nemesis and Tyrant even have abilities that can damage you around the corner.

Kill weaker biological weapons from long range attacks and ignore the strong ones. Instead of fighting them, let them run into other players, which will make your life easier.

Don’t underestimate Fat Molded

Although this awkwardly named creature is the weakest member of the inventory, its ability to explode due to severe damage to the effect is almost as dangerous as any other biological weapon. When playing as Molded, try to find and detonate human players or other Molded. It pays to play as if you were still human, and try to attack the players, because running them in full sight will kill you before you get to them.

If in doubt, avoid it

Unlike dodging in many other games, dodging in Resident Evil Re: Verse has no i-slides; instead, you reduce the damage during the animation. Still, it’s your best defense when you’re about to strike. Human characters have so little health that many weapons and abilities can shoot them once, if you don’t avoid them. Getting this fraction of a second of rest can be all you need to complete your opponent and escape to heal.

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